About our Ẹ̀bùn collection

What is Ẹ̀bùn?

Ẹ̀bùn in the West African language of Yoruba means ‘gift’. We named our collection this as we believe in giving to those who need it.

We see this collection as a cycle that keeps on giving; we provide you with beautiful high-quality jewellery and you in return give to a charity that helps eradicate some of the problems facing certain African communities.  

In the launch of this collection, we have partnered up with African-owned and African-run registered charities to give back to our motherland.

How does it work

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on many African communities with millions losing their sources of income. Our Ẹ̀bùn collection works with African-owned charities across Africa to better help communities on the continent. 

25%  of profits from any sale made in this collection will go to one of our partnered and registered charities. We want you to be in control of the impact you make so after each order we will ask you which of our supported charities below you would like the money from your purchase to go to.

Our collection Aims

We work with various African-owned and run charities as this was important to our values. We wanted to give to those at the grassroots levels who really understood what is going on within the different communities they serve and not to some big corporation. We love our continent and want to see it thrive and we also understand that money talks and in order for communities to empower themselves, they need money to create economic power.

The charities we work with strive to empower and help those in need across the continent in many different ways. From providing educational facilities to schools in Nigeria to building clean water wells in Kenya to helping provide aid to civilians in the Tigray region. Our charities support them all!

We hope to continue expanding this line and the charities we work with! So keep shopping to gift a charity today! 

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