About Us

Who Are We?

AdeAfrica is an online platform providing knowledge on each African country. We aim to promote tourism to the continent with our own curated tours and aim to sell African merchandise created by African vendors worldwide aiming to positively impact their communities. 


Africa is a continent often overlooked when it comes to tourism. There is still a lot of misinformation about the continent and this gap in the market is where AdeAfrica comes in. We are a travel company with a platform aimed to promoting the continent as the best possible travel destination, sharing travel tips and blogs from other travellers to the continent.

We plan to do this by creating;

  • Engagning blog contents filled with inspiring stories/tips from travel writers
  • AdeAfricashop which provides a vibrant taste of African cultures
  • Our curated tours are designed for all. From historical lovers to adventure seekers, potential clients can decide what they want their time in Africa to look like.

Our Company

AdeAfrica’s mission is simple. Our vision for the future is to showcase travel in Africa to dispel some of the myths surrounding African countries. Africa is not a war-torn, impoverished continent as the media paints it out to be, in fact, the continent is rich in natural resources and over 30% of the WORLD’s resources come from Africa. It is the source of light and no other continent compares to it. 

AdeAfrica Support  

AdeAfrica is launching a new initiative called the AdeAfricaSupport Programe. The AdeAfrica Support programme aims to work with local individual businesses across the African continent such as local craftsmen, tailors, artists and musicians. 


The programme aims to use different social media platforms and the main website to help promote the products of these African businesses, to be seen and sold to a wider audience. 40% of profits made will be given back to the individual business owners allowing them to profit and expand their business.  


Our core values are to;

  1. Provide knowledge. With all our pages and blog posts we aim to provide informational resources to all people interested in Africa. We aim to become the no.1 travel site for tourism in Africa
  2. Provide Support; we want to actively contribute to communities by partnering with African vendors and tour guides we will be able to provide products and services connecting to the continent and positively impact African communities
  3. Create change. We want the global perception of Africa to change by promoting African tourism and globalising African fashion whilst empowering African communities


We aim to tackle 3 problems;

  1. Misinformation. Often at times, Africa is painted with the same war torn/impoverished brush and Africans in the diaspora can often at times feel out of place and not represented. We aim to show them their heritage and advertise the beauty of Africa through our tours and store.
  1. Lack of Tourism. Due to the reason mentioned above, alot of people don’t want to travel to Africa as they have a negative perception of the continent which intern has removed tourism for a lot of African countries as a viable source of income. We also aim to show all people the beauty and wealth that African countries do possess. We want to promote African countries as great tourism destinations, helping to generate additional income into the countries.
  1. Unsustainable living. The AdeAfrica support programme will offer African sellers a platform to put their products on a global marketplace rather than just selling hand to hand. This initiative aims to give sellers a way to build wealth as opposed to living day to day.

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